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The Seventh Lake (2004)

Tracks: Pretty Little Thing, Whole Lot of Water, Shadow, Everbody's Talkin', Shanty Town, Open My Heart, In The Middle, Lookin' For Love, Route 666, Born To Fly, Hell's Gate Georgia

Veteran tunesmith, Robert Hazard, uncovers his rootsy, blues- inflected side with the Seventh Lake. "At times he sounds like Scarecrow- era Mellencamp tapping a wide- range of folk styles to spin his yarns. " (Tom Moon, Philadelphia Inquirer)

The songs of Seventh Lake, produced by the legendary T-Bone Wolk, are deeply personal, melodic trips into love, longing, and spooky despair.  read more ...

Blue Mountain (2004)

Tracks: Wish Me Luck, All Night Long, Blue Mountain, Outside Looking In, Turtle Dove, Hard Hands, Ridin' High, The Ballad of John F. Fahey, Cherokee Moon, Rag, Wild Out There, End of the Line, Comin' Back For You

Robert Hazard resides at his beloved Camp Lure in the rugged Adirondack Mountains of New York State. The music on this CD is as wild as the region, drawing from the lives of the people who live there, covering a wide range of folk, blues, and country styles. The performances are "one take." Blue Mountain is a treasure of raw power and poetry.  read more...

$12.99 plus $3.00 shipping and handling

Howl (1998)

Tracks: Lonely Too, Alone With You, King of England, Style, Out of It, Neon Blue, Nothing Sacred, One Night At A Time, We Fall

Robert Hazard's Howl CD rated as one of the five best CDs of 1998 by Philadelphia radio station WXPN.

$9.99 plus $3.00 shipping and handling


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